Frequently Asked Questions

What is RAIN's trading approach?

RAINFUND is continuously built and maintained as an all-weather, multi-strategy, diversified set of fully autonomous, quantitative strategies. From latency sensitive to more passive strategies, trades are centered around the futures and options markets as well as cash equities markets in India. Quantitative factors that are responsible for producing market performance are continuously tracked and trading strategies and execution protocols are constantly being tested and developed. Only the best set of strategies are then deployed on RAINFUND.
Dynamic, diversified, and constantly evolving for performance. That is RAINFUND.

Which instruments does RAIN trade?

RAINFUND and it’s strategies are dynamic and so are the underlying securities that are traded. However, a major portion of our operations is focused on the futures and options markets. Index futures and options, equity futures, and equity cash positions are constantly traded by the strategy.

How does a client start trading with RAIN?

A client needs to open a trading account with one of the following brokers : Zerodha, Fyers and Upstox. If your preferred broker is not one of the following, please reach out to us.
Only a trading account for derivatives (Futures and Options) trading is necessary. Demat account (for equity trading) is NOT required.
Client needs to sign a mandate agreement providing his consent to deploy RAIN’s algorithmic execution technology.
RAIN’s trading application will algorithmically trade on the client’s account after API Trading activation.

What is API Trading?

API Trading refers to the usage of fully automated algorithmic trading strategies coded in Java/Python. RAIN builds and deploys these proprietary trading strategies on to each client’s API trading account through a standalone software application.

How can the client see the trades being taken?

The client can access and track live trade data on the RAINDROP platform starting April 2021. Additionally, clients can access and track their trades via their broker-provided platforms. Daily contract notes will be delivered to the client by the broker.

Can the client trade/invest via this account in other stocks and securities as he deems fit?

In order to best serve the client, RAIN recommends that that the client opens a new fresh account for just RAIN and avoids placing discretionary Futures and Options trades on the mapped RAIN account. However, the client can trade in other segments like equities, mutual funds, etc.

What is the process of terminating your agreement with RAIN?

The client has the ability to terminate RAIN’s services at any point in time. There is no lock-in period/penalty upon termination.
A simple email communication from the client to RAIN with a notice period of a week is requested from the client following which, RAIN will cease running it’s trading application on the client’s API account. There is no penalty associated with early termination.

Client Support

The client will have the ability to pose questions to both the introducer as well as a representative from RAIN.

RAIN representatives can be reached through Email/ Phone call/ WhatsApp.